D-Link Wireless Dual Band N 300+ Mbps Wi-Fi Gigabit Range Extender and Access Point (DAP-1522)

The D-Link Extreme-N Duo Wireless Bridge/Access Point is designed for users looking to create a wireless network or to connect multiple wired devices to an existing wireless network. Extreme-N Duo is the latest addition to the award-winning Extreme-N product family. Duo means the DAP-1522 works with next generation dual band (2.4GHz or 5GHz)2 802.11n wireless devices as well as legacy 802.11g products. This is H/W B-1 version.

The Wireless Bridge feature of the DAP-1522 allows you to easily connect up to 4 Ethernet devices
Create a new wireless network using the Access Point feature by connecting the DAP-1522 to an existing wired network
5GHz is ideal for wirelessly streaming multiple HD videos across your network.
Use the Xtreme N Duo Wireless Bridge / Access Point (DAP-1522) to connect up to 4 Ethernet-enabled devices
Connect the DAP-1522 to an existing wired network and easily enable wireless connectivity in your home.

ORCHID AIRTIGHT 3 Canisters Set 3-D *NEW!!*

Kitchen Storage & Organization Sets
Each canister is designed with embossed / 3-D Orchids! Each canister has an airtight latching seal to seal freshness. The latches lock to secure the contents inside. Each canister measures approx. 7" tall and 6" in diameter. They are made of fine ceramic with a very fine gloss finish coating each piece.

Create a personal and elegant touch to your kitchen!
Great as a gift!
Perfect for ANY flower collector!
Use to store cookies, crackers, noodles, flour, sugar, candy...whatever you want!
Excellent attention to detail and such vibrant colors!