Omada M1220GI Trendy Grater with Removable Blade, Yellow

“Smart” grater with removable stainless steel blade and transparent cover. Completely dishwasher safe and grate cheese directly from the refrigerator. Particularly ergonomic and innovative to be used in hand or supported.

Length 3.9-inch width 3-1/2-inch height 3.9-inch
Designed and made in italy
Combines beautiful color and design with excellent italian quality and durability
Perfect for use with parmesan cheese and for storing in the fridge
Material: san acrylic , stainless steel - dishwasher safe

The Green Laundry Line

Laundry Line Specially designed to prevent clothes from overlapping due to wind conditions or weight of the laundry. Removable clips that work together with the actual rope. 33 Ft./ 10 meters and 12 clips are included. Saves Space. Saves Energy. Helps the Planet. Garments will Not Tangle

Individual Loops Prevent Laundry Items from Overlapping
Shirt Pant Hanger, Clips work together with the Rope
Easy Installation of Laundry Line
Design is Patented and has Resgistered Trade Mark
Saves Space, No tangles, Saves Energy, Green Product